Meet the Asheville Date Night Review Team

We have been around Asheville a long time, and have been visiting restaurants, bars, clubs, and all that this unique town has to offer since we met in 2010. Escaping the rat race to enjoy each others’ company and the culinary treats that abound here is one of our favorite pastimes, we thought, “why not share our Asheville date night experiences with others?”. Learn more about each of us below!

Working in restaurants was my first career. I started at age 14 (before it was illegal, I think…) as a bus-girl at a local pizzeria. From hostessing to serving, food running, line cooking, expo’ing in the kitchen, and even occasionally delivering pizzas, I spent over ten years in the business. In my experiences overall, the days of working double shifts were long and physically taxing, but the shift meals were delicious and the connections with coworkers were quick and without artifice. I learned a lot about life and love and I’ll always value the lessons I’ve taken with me. And I’m incredibly grateful that am no longer ‘in the biz.’

Now, well into my second career, my husband and I are working professionals lacking an abundance of quality one-on-one time. These days, we relish the one or two nights a month we get to step away from our beautiful sons long enough to have an uninterrupted conversation and a cocktail. While I’ve always enjoyed dining out, at this point in my life, perhaps more than ever before, I truly value the respite and indulgence of a date night with my man. In my reviews, you’ll likely notice an eye toward ambience. I’m a romantic, and I like a little atmosphere with my date night dinners. *wink*

It is my hope that this site will take the guess-work out of finding a great spot to dine with your sweetheart whether you are an Asheville local or a tourist checking out our awesome town. Cheers!

Will, the meat-and-potatoes asheville date night guy

One of my favorite things to do is go out to eat. If I could do it at every meal, I probably would. In fact, there were certain years in my life when I actually did, and I had no problems with it (my wallet may have told you a different story).

Being an Ashevillian, I love trying all the places that come and go, and enjoy seeing the good ones stick around. I have lived in this town since the early 90’s, and have seen it grow and turn into an amazing place for great food. Not to mention the beer scene. To me, a quality restaurant will have a good beer selection, or at least some good bourbons.

One of my favorite things to do is escape the house with my wife and venture out to eat, drink, and be merry. We finally got the time to start this website where we hope to share our experiences with you.

For my half of the restaurant reviews, I will focus on the things that I enjoy, which are probably much more “male oriented” than you might find on many review sites. I am a meat-and-potatoes guy who likes a good drink or two, and not a lot of frills with my food. I am also pretty picky, though I have learned to expand my tastes a lot since meeting my better half, and exploring the restaurant scene with her.